Somali culture, diaspora showcased in Istanbul

The 3rd international conference of the International Global Somali Diaspora (GSD) was held in Istanbul earlier this month.

Based on the level of bilateral relations between Turkey and Somalia, to which the former provides public diplomacy support, within the context of its global human development goals, the conference was organized with the support of the Yunus Emre Institute. The conference ended on June 17.

The GSD, established in Istanbul in 2014, aims to enhance communication among the approximately 3 million Somalis living in the diaspora, ensure they unite to resolve common issues, provide various facilities and contribute to their homeland.

The conference discussed the reshaping of the nation, the perspective of the diaspora, the perspective of the youth, how the efforts of Somalia’s youth can be combined for restructuring the nation, the methods of activating the Somali industry, the role of the business world in the reconstruction of Somalia and bringing Somali professionals, entrepreneurs and businesspeople together to achieve maximum benefit.

Nabadoon: Engaging in artMeanwhile, the Somali Culture Exhibition opened at Taksim Art Gallery on June 17 within the scope of the 3rd International Global Somali Diaspora Conference. The event was organized to introduce Somalis living in the diaspora to each other, resolve their problems and create common agendas.

Held by the GSD and the Somali Culture Association, in collaboration with Turkey’s

Yunus Emre Institute and İstanbul Kültür A.Ş., the exhibition presented contemporary paintings and antiques representing the culture, nature and nomadic life of the Somalis.

The exhibition titled, “Nabadoon” presented a message in the local language that read: “Engage in art. Make friends, resist hatred and extremism.” The event will remain open until July 7, 2019.

With a travel program organized on the last day of the conference, which hosted senior executives and academics from Somalia and also opinion leaders from all over the world, participants were able to discover the historical and cultural beauty of Istanbul.

-Daily Sabah