AU, UN envoys wrap up talks with federal state leaders

UN envoy to Somalia Nicholas Haysom and his AU counterpart Francisco today concluded their whirlwind tours across the country by meeting Galmudug state president Ahmed Haaf.
The two envoys met with Haaf in Galkaayo alongside Galmudug state minister Sheikh Mohamed Shakir where they discussed a range of issues key among them the ongoing dispute between the federal states and the federal government.
“We talked about a lot of issues concerning Galmudug and we also talked about the interference of federal government which I hope will be over and how the UN can contribute to something useful here in the future,” said Haaf.
Haaf added that the Hayscom pledged to open a UN office in Dhusamareb.
The visit to Galmudug by Haysom follows a similar one yesterday to Somaliland Sunday where he held talks with president Muse Bihi.
Today’s visit marks the conclusion of week-long meetings which started last week in Kismayu followed by South West and Puntland.
The UN envoy will be expected to meet with the federal government leaders to convey concerns raised by the federal member state leaders. The Senate concluded a similar mission last month but expressed frustrations terming the government’s response as non-committal.

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