The Forgotten Heroes; Hibaad And His Team

Fed up and distraught with the inhumane and the brutal treatment of Al-Shabaab, Hibaad Cali Dasar and group of his fellow community members formed a community defence militia, called “Macawiisley”, – sarong wearing men – whose aim is to defend their village against Alshabaab.
Hibaad and some members of the group said in a video recorded on the launch day, which was shared via the social media, that people in Guulane – a village in Hirshabelle State, south-central Somalia – have endured, against their will, years of immense abuse and extortion by Alshabaab. They said that they have seen their wives being brainwashed and indoctrinated with Alshabaab’s poisonous ideology. They added that the worst came when Al-Shabaab demanded each family to bring a boy as young as 8 years old to join Al-Shabaab and to be trained as child soldiers who would end up in terrorizing the community.
Hibaad, a man roughly in his early fifties, with a slim build and a grey beard dyed with henna, said that he and his men could no longer accept their families and loved ones to be subjected to this kind of terror and degrading treatment by Alshabaab; he said that they cannot accept their children to be brainwashed and forcibly recruited as Alshabaab fighters under their watch.
Macawisley militia have voluntarily organised themselves with the sole purpose of defending their families and the helpless residents in Guulane. To finance their defense plan, they had to sell some of their livestock in order to buy small arms to use in their fight against Al-shabaab, as no authority either in the local state or federal level bothered to come to their defence and support. Macawisley militia with Hibaad as their leader promised that they will fight with Alshabaab to the last drop of their blood; to their last breath.
Last Sunday, 30th September 2018, Hibaad Cali Dasar was martyred while defending his community against an offensive war waged by Alshabaab fighters to their village. It is barely a month ago, when he and his fellow men declared that they would spare nothing in order to defend themselves and the lives of the families and children in Guulane.
Hibaad delivered his promise in the most heroic way imaginable. He stands as an authentic embodiment of a genuine resistance against the brutality and the nihilism of Al-Shabaab. Hibaad has left behind a powerful legacy which will ever remain as a compelling and credible counter narrative to Al-Shabaab’s lunacy.
May Allah swt grant brother Hibaad the highest rank in paradise and give the community in Guulane the strength and the resilience to defeat the enemy of Al-Shabaab.
Ibrahim Ahmed Osman.

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