VIDEO:Somali politician Noor Isma’il called on the government and the people to respond in the same way to

Somali Politician Mr.  Noor Isma’il  Sheikh  says

“UAE violated Somali sovereignty, after announced the regional
administration Somaliland  is independent government. I urge all
Somalis People to come demonstration and express their feelings and
defend their independence.


the reason why UAE is doing this interrupting Somali Politician Noor Isma’il  Sheikh  says  “The agreement between the Federal Government of
Somalia and the regional State of Somaliland UAE is worse than and try
how to destroy that agreement, and used this issue of Agreement of
Berbera port, so they want to intervene and destroy it.
Politician Nour Isma’il called on the Somali parliament in this way
                     “Our country has a parliament, and I call on the
parliamentarians to defend their dignity and to make a clear decision
about the issue of the port of Berbera.

Somali politician Noor Nour Isma’il VIDEO