U.S Denies Civillian Massacre In Somalia!

A member of the US Congress has urged the Defence Department to launch a new investigation into reports of a civilian massacre carried out in Somalia by US Special Forces.

Congressman Ted Lieu pressed a senior Defence Department official to review recent media reports that the US troops had shot dead 10 unarmed Somalis on a farm in the town of Bariire in August.

David Trachtenberg, acting under-secretary of defence for policy, responded that he would relay to his department the congressman’s call for a new investigation.

Mr Trachtenberg also pointed out that the US Africa Command (Africom) had already investigated the operation and found that “the only casualties suffered were of armed combatants who fired on US Special Forces.”

“We in the Department of Defence take any accusation of civilian casualties very seriously and we work to avoid them at all cost,” Mr Trachtenberg said.