The New Dictatorship In Galmudug; The Somali Intergovermental State

 Galmudug, one of the most Influence somali Intergovemental states, geographicaly ocours the Central region of the country.

Ahmed Du’alle Gelle Aka Xaaf, was elected by the state Parlament, as a president of that state, back on May 2017; Since that time, he made a few activaties that most of Galmudug’s people were not enjoyed.

The first mistake of Xaaf’s regime is to return the useless cabinet of Guled’s era. Most of the political analysts, said, ” He (Xaaf) was not the suitible one”.

The second mistake of Xaaf since May was the dictatorship theory; this is the only window he can lead Galmudug, because lack of leadership. The philosophy of Dictatorship is the way they use the poor minded people.

Daily threatening toward his state mates and making illegal things against Humanity and local consistituation, were the main things we will always remember xaaf’s Galmudug regime.

Tuesday Evening, members of galmudug Parlament met in Adado, the temperory base of that state, they decided to retake thier confidence through up handing system.

Since that time, Xaaf threaten he will kill his vice President Carabey and parlament spokesman mr Gacal who was against Xaaf’s aggression to the low when he was in Dubia. The next time, late of Wednesday night, Xaaf claimed that he is blocking to Adado Aiport, that was a shameful deed, when we are a democracy country not Communist country.

Many MPs were rejected to enter Adado city by the Xaaf regime, and they arrive to Caabudwaaq, while the others are still trying to enter there, but they affraid the horror dictator Xaaf.

“We are not happy what is going on! We don’t also accept a bloody war, so Adado is a place of peace and equality, so our request is to stop the tension between the two sides, if we went to survive our state,” Adado resident.

Conclusion; the federal Goverment requested to respect the decition of the majority MPs who retake thier confidence the Xaaf regime.

Abdiwahaab Ahmed Ali