Kenyan Military Withdraws From 2nd Town In Southern Somalia

Kenyan defence forces serving with African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) have withdrawn from El Wak, the second town in Gedo region in a week.

Ismail Sheikh Abdi “Qarah”, the deputy commissioner of El Wak, told  that KDF troops’s withdrawal was a military tactic aimed to push Al Shabaab out of the region.

Abdi added that Kenyan army, along with Somali Federal government soldiers are preparing for a major offensive to eliminate the militants from its remaining pockets.

KDF vacated Bardhere on Wednesday, September 19 amid increasing Al shabaab attacks on the key towns near Somali border with Kenya, including Balad Hawo and El Wak towns.

Kenya sent combat forces to Somalia in 2011 to execute ‘Linda Nchi’ following series of Al Shabaab kidnappings against tourists and aid workers in its soil.

Al-Shabaab carried out several retaliation attacks on Kenyan troops in Gedo and Lower Jubba regions, namely El Adde and Kulbiyow raids that left scores of KDF soldiers dead.