Somali Journalists’ Humiliated In Public Meeting


On Tuesday 05 Septembers 2017  :  Groups of Somali journalist from  mixed media pursuing  their professional duty in Mogadishu at Banedir local authority conference hall  organized  Banedir region local authority aimed  opening of the youth employment program . after the program finished and  the mayor with deputies left from the scene

The secretary of the Banedir local authority  Mrs. Suweyda Mohamed Mukhtar made  deliberate humiliation and attack against the journalist serving the event verbal mention them selfish and beggars knocking the doors un-invited.  Moreover most of you should have professional skills and ethics of media when speaking to the high official of the government as humble

The problem came when some private media serving there  were ordered to bring back the news data  they made back to our offices and make  censorship from your dirty works and editing before you release to the public.

Most journalist dumbfounded and abandoned from the  place shamefully unable to respond the offensive words from the secretary.  Looking down with fear they have collected their tools and departure to their working stations

This is not the first time professional journalist in duty attacked and humiliated while in some cased they hare threatened to put in jail or torture   from persons using governmental authority typically deliberate power abuse

Journalist are demanding justice for the power abuse against them in court to  the  offender 

its regertable some one enjoying the taxtion of the civilains deliberatly humiliting them

Mr. Kamaal

Facebook : @ilwareedonline